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Give a gift that helps them grow with online pastry classes taught by the world's best. Simply enroll in a class or bundle, email us, and we'll set up an account, choose a date, and add a personal message for your special someone. Terms apply.

Questions? Answers.

When do the pastry classes start?

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You can start your class anytime… In fact, what are you waiting for? Start your pastry journey right now, click me!

For how long can I access the pastry class?

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Depending on the enrollment option you choose. A Premium enrollment gets you access for 1 year, while a Standard enrollment gets you access for 6 months.

How much do pastry classes cost?

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They start from $490 USD and go up to $990 USD per class, depending on the instructor and whether you choose Premium or Standard enrollment with unlimited access, official certificate, class workbook, bonus section, support PastryClassAI access and more.

What is our 5-star refund policy?

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Our goal is to make sure that you have the best learning experience possible. If PastryClass isn’t for you, simply email us within 5 days from the date of your enrollment purchase, and we'll provide a full refund. Terms apply.

Full information on our special 5-star refund policy you can find here.

What skill-level is required for pastry classes?

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Our pastry classes are designed for all pastry skill levels, whether you’re an experienced home baker, pastry blogger, influencer, pastry chef, instructor, or a creative professional, you can explore the knowledge and joy of pastry on our platform.

We’re incredibly lucky to feature some of the top professional chefs making waves in the pastry industry. Our classes are full of complex information and techniques, which is a great way to challenge yourself and gain new skills to achieve outstanding results.

What do I get after enrollment?

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You have two enrollment options to choose from:

• STANDARD enrollment gets you 6 months of access to one class.
• PREMIUM enrollment gets you 1 year of access to one class, and a certificate of completion.

Additionally, both enrollments include a step-by-step class workbook, bonus recipes/materials, and access to PastryClassAI, a support tool created to enhance your learning experience, providing unlimited assistance instantly!

What tools and ingredients do I need?

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Recommendations for tools and ingredients are a part of our teaching process in every class. In the first step of your pastry journey, your instructor will let you know what you need for the class and will recommend alternatives—we don’t want you to waste your time and money searching for items from the list when you may already have a handy substitution in your very own kitchen, so make sure to watch the class before you go shopping!

For handy access, the full list of tools will also be included in each class workbook alongside pictures and specifications.

All of the tools you may need are accessible in every country from local or online pastry shops.

Can I ask questions?

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There are 3 ways you can ask questions before and after enrollment.

1. Our Help Center Help Center will be able to answer your questions about payments, gifts, free classes, enrollment options, and troubleshooting.

2. The PastryClassAI support tool is the go-to platform for all your pastry-related inquiries, whether you're formulating recipes, mastering cooking techniques, troubleshooting baking errors, delving into theoretical aspects, or exploring ingredients. It's the one-stop destination where every pastry question finds a comprehensive answer.

3. If you have any organizational or technical questions—signing up, classes, payments etc—and neither of those paths helps to answer it please email us at hello@pastryclass.com.